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Hey Alexa, please play “we are the champions” by Queen.

YES, mate! That’s right! 🙌

We’re celebrating the fact that we’ve finally created our first collection of teaching resources for technology educators... [exciting much!?!] 🎉

Imagine for one class, you don’t have to lift a finger to prepare anything for 20 weeks! For 2 whole terms! 🤯 That *screams* mojo and leaving school on time. 

Our first collection is based on a unit of work for Stage 4 students, to plan, design and create a wall clock.

The first product in the collection is a teaching and learning programme, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or been able to purchase before. It truely hits it out of the ball park!

👉 a jammed packed programme with 40 hours of inclusive lessons,
👉 variety of assessment that considers all types of learners,
👉 activities that are step-by-step which is great for newbies,
👉 relevancy to technology and the current generation of students,
👉 ability to be individualised for a variety of curriculum / syllabuses,
👉 teacher reflection included to evaluate performance and improve practice,
👉 referenced evidence based teaching strategies, and
👉 evidence of learning listed aligning with Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs.


This product is ideal for Stage 4 Technology Mandatory, Industrial Technology and/or Design and Technology. It also offers the ability to be adapted for Stage 5 Design and Technology or Industrial Technology.

By purchasing this product you accept our terms and conditions and copyright policies. Copies of our policies can be found at the bottom of this page or in your shopping cart upon check out.

Wall Clock Project Teaching and Learning Programme

  • .pdf

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