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We want to save time + precious energy of technology educators.

Teaching students how to design, plan and create is a special privilege that few get to experience. It's a rewarding profession that teaches young people how to use creativity, maths, science and engineering to turn an idea into reality. Essentially, to use their minds and hands to produce incredible products. 

But - increasingly, the compliance and physical workload demands of technology educators is impacting the quality of evidence based planning and, hindering the innovation of any new units of work.  

We know how that feels.

Because we are the technology educators that:

  • longed for resources that could engage all students, from all learning backgrounds,

  • were sick of the pencil box project (if you know, you know),

  • just wished for exciting programmes to magically appear (and type themselves),

  • were tired of a never ending to-do list that always came home with us,

  • if wanting to be saved by any pre-made resource that could get us through a crazy day - we're guilty!

  • if you haven't gathered as much already, hated the ol' black and white "engaging" photocopy work booklets, from 'yonks' ago. 

We're here for industrial arts secondary educators, especially the new ones, that specialise in timber, metal, graphics and multimedia, who want:

  • confidence and peace of mind that their planning is top notch,

  • teaching and learning resources that are industry standard and backed by evidence,

  • programmes that are extensive, jammed packed with teaching strategies and assessment,

  • inclusive education incorporated to keep all students engaged and recognised,

  • more time in the workshop and less time bogged down at the desk,

  • a better work-life balance, and most importantly,

  • their mojo back and zest for teaching.

We sell resources that will save your day!

There is a reason people are often pleasantly shocked by our unique resources (and mostly by teachers), because when you purchase from us, it's comparable to an instant spring in your step, an encouraging hug or that warm mug (ahhh, jug...) of coffee after a rainy day at school - where the 'kids' have gone bonkers all day. Yes, they're that good.

Let me tell you, The Technology Educator™ can walk-the-walk!

Whether you've checked us out on Instagram or teacher marketplaces, you'll notice that we stand out amongst the teaching and learning resources crowd! 

We passionately believe in our products because we know the content, have taught the content and are the ones that make the content look darn good! How we represent ourselves to like-minded technology educators is important to us because we've walked in those steel-capped boots!

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